Mattress construction

Our mattresses are all made right here in The United States! We make our mattresses with the finest materials and the newest technology. For example take a look at these specifications for an all foam mattress.

This is an example of one of our 100% foam mattresses without an innerspring unit. The benefits of an all foam mattress include motion separation and a longer life span than a traditional innerspring mattress. 
 - Motion separation means that you and your partner do not disturb each other’s sleep as you move during the night.

- A longer life span means that you’re not replacing your mattress as often and you’re saving money.

All of our foam mattresses start with a base layer that consists of high density foam. This high density foam is what supports the rest of the mattress and is responsible for correctly supporting your body while you sleep.

The second layer is a high density comfort foam. This layer, while still high density, is also more luxurious, providing a more gentle, cradling effect.

The top layer has both gel infused and copper infused memory foam. Gel infusion provides a slight increase in comfort, but a dramatic increase in the cooling properties of the mattress. This cooling effect helps you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The copper infusion deposits copper all throughout the foam, and the yarn of the knit top, woven throughout the mattress. Copper is known for its anti-inflammatory effect on the human body and is also a wonderful antioxidant. This type of mattress can be quite beneficial in respect to a wide variety of diseases and ailments.

Another important step in the production of these mattresses is that we pre-crush the foam layers before the mattress is produced. Pre-crushing the layers has a few different benefits; It provides more longevity to the mattress, as well as better, more even support. It also takes away a lot of the initial new bed feel that is universally known to give you a much firmer feel for the first couple of weeks to couple of months. In the mattress industry it is also know as pre-wear in. This also gives an even wear-in from front to back and edge to edge. 

There are many other benefits such as full articulation, which makes these mattresses adjustable base friendly. The mattress also utilizes a independent locking system from layer to layer that holds the system together and provides a tremendous amount of stability.


Below is an example of one of our hybrid mattresses. This explains the specifications and how the components work together.

A hybrid mattress is very similar to an all foam mattress with only one large difference; instead of the solid foam core as the support structure, a hybrid mattress has a pocketed coil unit that provides a wonderful firm seating space as well as even and true support from edge to edge. Think of it like hundreds and hundreds of individual little shock absorbers that respond to every inch of your unique shape and support needs.

On this type of mattress we start by sandwiching the coil unit between 2 thin layers of the same high density support foam that the all foam mattresses use as the complete support system. 

The power edge, individually wrapped coils, provide the same support as a traditional pocketed coil however they are preloaded in the pocket. This means they are compressed into the same space as a normal coil would be, but these coils are upwards of 40% taller giving you a firmer, more supportive coil, that has MUCH more durability than the conventional pocketed coil has.

The outer 2 rows of coils are also a much thicker gauge wire. By increasing the gauge of those 2 outside coils you are not only increasing the life span of the mattress, but truly increasing the edge support and durability as well.

Individually pocketed coils help you to have a better nights rest by relieving high pressure points on your body. This is achieved by allowing higher pressure points to sink in further, while also lifting to support lower pressure spots. The hybrid mattress does this as a natural reaction to its coils being individually pocketed and compressed.

Above the coil unit the layers and technology is either the same or very similar to the all foam options depending on which mattress you select.


Below is an example of the difference between a conventional innerspring mattress and a pocketed coil unit. 

Notice the wine next to the hand? It is being supported even though the very next coil is pressed in by inches. As you look at the other image you can see and imagine what would happen to your wine if you put any amount of weight or pressure on any coil. They are all connected and so behave like a single unit. If one moves, they all move. If your partner moves you feel it on your side. By pocketing those coils you completely change the way they interact with you and the way they support you. I think you’ll agree with us that this is a wonderful advancement in mattress technology. By packing them in you increase the durability and longevity of the mattress as well!

Regardless of whether you select a hybrid or an all foam mattress, there is no right or wrong choice, only right or wrong for you based on your needs. If you would like some tips on how to shop for a mattress, whether you buy from us or a physical location, feel free to click on the “How To Shop For A Mattress” option at the top of any page in our site, and thank you so much for allowing us to serve you!