How to set up your mattress

1. Firstly you start by opening your SleepSolutionsUSA box and pull out the bag containing your vacuum sealed mattress.


2. After you remove the bag, place it on your existing box spring or platform bed, unrolling it to make sure you have it placed in the correct position.

3. At this point open one end of the bag with scissors, being extra careful not to cut yourself or the mattress. Air will quickly rush into the bag as soon as you start cutting, which is normal and natural. After the air stops, finish cutting the sides of the bag and unwrap the mattress. Remove the plastic bag and box following your local rules and guidelines about recycling and waste disposal.

As soon as the mattress is unwrapped it is able to be slept on, however it will take up to 48 hours to fully decompress from its vacuum sealed state. During this time it may feel a little bit harder than it will after the mattress completely decompresses.