How Do We Do It?

The most common questions we get are “how are your prices so much less than the retail stores?” And “how can we trust you?”. The answer? We do things differently and we choose to be completely transparent about the process. 

In the mattress industry the goal is to provide the customer with the best product to fit their needs, while achieving the highest possible profit. Most retailers in a brick and mortar store build an illusion of value through sales and gimmicks, and “giving” you “free” add-ons that it almost seems to good to be true. The truth? It is too good to be true. 

With mattress stores the profit margins are quite high and the room to negotiate is large. If we can give you one large piece of advice, regardless of whether you buy from us or not, it is to always negotiate when you’re in front of a salesman at a physical store. It will save you money. When they give you free protectors, sheets or pillows, free delivery, setup, and removal, they are building those costs into the pricing before you walk in the door. 

At we only sell mattresses. This means we aren’t going to raise the price of your mattress just to offer you free sheets. We focus on the need that you have, not trying to make as much as we can from you. We want to help you find a solution to your need, so we don’t split your focus by trying to sell you 30 different types of products. We also won’t pad our prices with setup and delivery costs. Instead we ship directly to your door and include easy to follow directions. Selling mattresses this way saves you an average of $200 in setup costs. We suggest setting up your mattress and using that money to treat yourself to a nice dinner.

Our focus is on just the mattress; no frame or box spring that doesn’t need to be replaced. No mattress protector or sheets. Nothing to try to manipulate you into buying right now. We ship directly from the manufacturing facility to your door. Because all of our mattresses are shipped in the same size box, we have negotiated a flat rate shipping cost and figured that into the prices you see. Our mattress lines total less than 10 options, which helps us to save a large percentage of the cost and pass that savings on to you. SleepSolutionsUSA doesn’t keep stock in a costly warehouse and we don’t have 50-100 mattresses sitting on a showroom floor. We haven’t stored mattress protectors, sheets, or cheap pillows to help bolster our sales and we haven’t incorporated unnecessary accessories like most mattress stores. All of this means that we save money, so you save money. 

Combine this with other cost cutting measures we take to provide you with the best price and you can see how a mattress that would sell for $3000.00 in a retail store will only cost you around $900 with us.


We appreciate how hard you work for your money and feel that you deserve to get the best deal we can provide, regardless of how much more others would sell for. We would rather you see how well we take care of you and tell your friends about us. We would also like to say from our family to yours, thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you for the effort you are putting into this decision and we look forward to serving you!